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Okta Troubleshooting FAQ
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SCTech Okta Troubleshooting

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I need to setup Okta for the first time

I login to Okta and MFA and it takes me back to the screen to login again

  • You will need to clear the cache in your browser. The issue you are experiencing is caused by not properly logging out of Blackboard. Click here to jump to the instructions on how to properly log out of Blackboard.
  • This article will show you how to clear your browser's cache. If you do not correctly log out of Blackboard, you will potentially need to repeat this step.

I am getting a timed out message when setting up Okta

  • This issue occurs when a user tried to go to Blackboard first and clicks on the login icon on the Blackboard website.
  • Users should no longer be going directly to the Blackboard website - all apps are located within Okta for direct access.
  • Go to Okta directly at - this should be your new start page for everything SCTech related.

I am getting a "Unable to sign in" message in Okta

  • If you are a student, please be sure that you are using your email address. Student emails end with not
  • If you have access, try from a different computer, another web browser or from a phone that is not on the Wifi network. If you get the same results, please submit a student helpdesk ticket here.
  • You can also try clearing your browser's cache by following the instructions here.

I get an error when accessing Blackboard

  • First, you will need to clear your cache - follow the instructions here.
  • For all future Blackboard access, look in the top right hand corner of your browser screen.
  • To the right of your name is a power button.
  • Click that button to properly logout of Blackboard each time.

I am locked out of Okta

  • Users are automatically locked out of Okta after 10 failed login attempts.
  • The lockout time is 15 minutes once the 10th failed attempt is reached.
  • Users will be automatically unlocked after the 15 minute time period has elapsed. There is no need to report the lockout unless it happens to you constantly.

I keep getting locked out of Okta over and over

  • We have noticed an increasing number of users, both students and employees, that are locked out several times a day every day.
  • If this continues to happen on a regular basis and you have previously setup your email, contacts, calendar or OneDrive on your phone, that may be what is causing the issue.
  • To resolve, it will be necessary for you to check your default email, calendar, contacts or general phone settings for any connections to your student or work email and remove those. On some that we have corrected thus far, it has been an Exchange ActiveSync connection on both iPhone and Android. You may just need to simply update your password on the connection.
  • On Android, go to settings, accounts, manage accounts and look for products that use your email address.
  • On iPhone, go to settings, passwords and look for products that use your email address. Another place to search is Mail, Contacts or Calendar under Settings, then the accounts under each of those. Selecting each of the individual accounts will show you the email address tied to it and if the password needs to be updated.
  • If you are uncertain if you are using that connection any longer, you can remove it and then add it back later.

I don't remember my password

I don't remember my email address

  • Your email can be found from within Banner Web. Click here to jump to the instructions on how to access without going into Okta first.
  • From within Banner Web, select Personal Information and then View Email Address(es).
  • We also have a "Find My Email" utility. If you know your Student ID number, last name and date of birth, Click here to use the app.

I no longer have access to the phone or number I input for Okta verification

  • If you used the same phone number and device for all 3 Multifactor Authentication Methods, please submit a student helpdesk ticket here to have your MFA reset.
  • If you have access to one of the 3 methods still, when the MFA screen appears in Okta click the down arrow to the right of the icon below the SCTech logo and choose the other method.
  • The last method that you use on a particular device and web browser will be the default. Be sure to change that once you regain access to Okta and set up a new device.

I selected SMS as my default method and it is not sending a code

  • Please be sure to press the Send code button to the right of the field to enter your code.
  • Okta can automatically send push notifications to the Okta verify app, but it is not able to automate sending codes via text automatically.

I have to verify every time I log in to Okta

  • This is by design. Multifactor Authentication prevents unauthorized users from accessing your account and sensitive personal information.
  • Each time you access a new device or web browser off campus, you will be asked to verify.
  • MFA is not required on campus except if you are modifying your settings.
  • If you would like to learn more, this article gives a more detailed explanation.

I am missing an app on my dashboard

I have an app stuck opening or it errors out

  • If you do not properly log out of applications, sometimes those sessions are still stuck in your web browser's cache. You can clear out your cache by following the instructions here.
  • A quick way to get around this is to close down the browser tab or window that opened when you clicked on the app.
  • Back on the Okta dashboard, right click on the app icon and select Open link in new Private/Incognito window.
  • If this does not resolve your issue, open up a student helpdesk ticket at with the name of the app you are trying to access and the error message you received (if there is one).

I got an email that I logged in from Griffin, but I am on another campus

  • Okta is on the internet and not local to our campuses.
  • All Internet traffic flows from any SCTech Center and the Flint River Campus through the Griffin campus.
  • If you are on any of the SCTech campuses using the SCTech network, this is a legitimate report and should be ignored.

I need to report a suspicious login attempt

  • If you are trying to login and receive the email within a few minutes of that attempt, chances are that it was a legitimate login attempt. Do not click on the report suspicious activity button in the email you receive.
  • If you are neither near a computer nor using the Okta Mobile app (not the Okta verify app) and receive one of those messages, then you should report suspicious activity.
  • If you are in Georgia and not using a personal VPN connected elsewhere but the location says a different city in Georgia, a different state or even a different country, then you should report suspicious activity.

I do not have a phone for Okta verification

I get a message "You do not have permission to perform the requested action"

  • Okta has a built in utility that can detect potentially threats.
  • If a user tries to unsuccessfully login too many times or reset their password over and over, this utility will actually block a user's IP address for 24 hours.
  • The solution is for the IT department to put an exception in for your IP address or wait the 24 hours.
  • Go to the website and copy the numbers next to the IPv4. It should be 4 numbers separated by periods.
  • Open up a student helpdesk ticket at with the error message you received and paste the IP address you copied from the website into the ticket.
  • Also mention that you need IT to unblock your home IP address.

I have two options for Okta apps for my phone

  • There are two separate apps for Okta - Okta Verify and Okta Mobile.
  • Okta Verify is the app that you will use for Multifactor Authentication. This is the app that verifies that you are the person actually logging in to Okta. Okta verify is the preferred method for MFA verification because it is the most secure. However, only one of the 3 MFA options is required.
  • The Okta Verify numbers that change every 30 seconds within the app can be used in case your device does not have connectivity to receive a push notification but you still need to verify.
  • Okta Mobile is your Okta dashboard on a mobile device. You can use the dashboard the same as you can on a computer. Note that not all apps available through the dashboard have a mobile or responsive design, so your experience may not be as good as it is on a computer.
  • The Site Name that you will need for Okta Mobile is sctech

I am a new student/alumni and I do not have a login yet/anymore

  • You will not have access to any applications until you are an active student. However, you can still access Banner Web without going through Okta
  • Go to the Banner Web Login Page.
  • Your User ID can be either your Student ID (900 number) or your Social Security Number (SSN)
  • If you have not changed it, your PIN will be your date of birth in MMDDYY format. So if your date of birth is March 9th, 1985, your PIN would be 030985 - this format is the default PIN for new users.
  • If you need your PIN reset, there is a forgot PIN button at the bottom of the screen. User ID has to be filled in for it to work. You can answer your security question and it will reset your PIN back to the default PIN of your date of birth.
  • If you did not set up a security questions, you will need to contact the school to have your PIN reset.
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