Service Name: Communication - Email


Email is the primary means of electronic communications at the college.  Outlook is the main desktop client for email.  Email can be accessed via your desktop computer, web access, or through a mobile device.  Your email address is a combination of your SCTC username and the college domain name, Example:

Available To:

All employees of the College

Benefits and Features:

Email is used at the college as the primary means of electronic communications between departments, individuals, and students.  Important communications such as emergency alerts are sent using email.  Email accounts are provided to all employees of the College when your primary SCTC account is requested by HR upon employment.  Your account is disabled once your employment ends. 
All incoming and outgoing email communications are archived for 5 years.


You must be an employee of the College to receive an email account.  Email addresses are in the format of <SCTC UserName>  Email accounts are created when a new user account is requested by HR.  All email address information is sent to your supervisor.

Get Started:

Email can be access in the following ways:

  • Outlook - Outlook is part of the Microsoft Office suite and is installed on all office computers.  When you login to your computer with your SCTC username you can access your email by opening Outlook on your desktop computer.
  • Outlook Web (OWA) - If you need to access your email while your are off campus, you can access via Outlook Web.  In your browser, go to  Login using your SCTC username and password.
  • Mobile Device -  Email can also be accessed via a mobile device such as an iPhone or Android device.  The native email clients as well as the Outlook app (available via the Apple App Store or Google Play Store) are compatible with our email system.  The IT department can only support school issued phones, but individuals can connect their personal devices if desired.