Service Name: Accounts - Banner Usernames


Banner is the name of the student information system used at the College.  This system is accessed by staff, faculty and students.  There are two types of Banner usernames depending on your access level or the Banner module you are accessing.

Available To:

Staff and Faculty

Benefits and Features:

Your Banner username will allow you to access the student information system.  Most employees at the college will need to access Banner as part of their job duties.  This system will require a separate username and password that may be different from your SCTC username account.


Depending on your access level or job duties, there are two methods of accessing Banner.  Each method requires a different username and password.

Banner Web:  Banner Web is used for faculty access to banner.  Your username is your ID that was automatically generated when your account was created in Banner.  Faculty accounts are created by Academic Affairs.  The user nmae is a 9 digit number that begins with 900.

Banner INB:  Banner INB or Banner Forms is the Banner module that is accessed by staff and upper level faculty such as Deans or program chairs.  Banner INB accounts are requested by your supervisor and are inthe format of first initial of your firstname and your complete last name.

Get Started:

Banner is accessed via  web browser.
Banner Web:
Banner INB:

  • Banner INB uses a specific version of java that has been installed on your computer.  Please do not update Java if asked.
  • Banner INB is not available off campus without a VPN connection
  • Banner Web is available to faculty and staff off campus via the Internet.