Service Name: Accounts - Username


Your SCTC username is the primary account that is issued to you when your employment starts at the College.  You username is a combination of the first initial of you first name and your complete last name.  If duplicates exist, an alternate username will be created. This account is used to access your desktop computer, email, and other network services.  Department specific software will require separate usernames and the account information will be provided when those accounts are requested by your supervisor.

Available To:

All Employees of the College

Benefits and Features:

Your SCTC username is used to access various network resources available to employees of the College.  This includes access to your desktop or laptop computer, email, tigernet, and other resources that has a designated login name of SCTC username.  


To be assigned a SCTC username you must a be a full time, part time or adjunct staff or faculty member of the College.

Get Started:

Your user account is created prior to your first day of employment at the College.  The HR department will submit a request to the IT Department.  Once the account is created, all information is emailed to your supervisor and they will share the information on your first name of employment.