Service Name: Communicaitons - School Cast


The College utilizes a service called SchoolCast to provide emergency alerts to all staff and students.

Available To:

All employees of the College

Benefits and Features:

In the case of an emergency, inclement weather, school closings or other siginifcant events, the College will notify employees based of the notifications methods that you set up in SchoolCast.


All employees with an email address have an account that is automatically created when there employment begins with the College.  By default, the College email address is setup as the primary communications medium.  It is up to employees to login with their account an update any other contact information.

Get Started:

You can access your SchoolCast account via web browser

Login using your SCTC Username and Password

SchoolCast Admins have a separate username and password and login link that has been provided to those designated admins.